Thursday, May 24, 2018

Brits In The 6ix: Growing Toronto’s Grime Scene


Brits In The 6ix: Growing Toronto’s Grime Scene

The UK grime scene is growing in popularity in North America. Acts like Skepta and Stormzy are making trips across the pond to play sold out shows in cities like New York and Toronto. With rappers like Drake embracing the sound and genre, grime is becoming more commonplace in North America.

However, most of the audience in The United States and Canada are only familiar with a handful of acts but there is a small collective of UK transplants in Toronto who are pushing the grime scene and sound on a grassroots level.

The British Man Dem consist of 5 members who have relocated to Toronto and made it their mission to push the UK sound through their own music and introduce audiences to other avenues of the genre by hosting local raves in the city.

Noisey followed The British Man Dem to find out why they came to Toronto and to see the inner-workings of how to push a scene and sound from a grassroots level.