Thursday, April 26, 2018

Friyie Ft Bong B- Anything

Friyie- Anything

Friyie Ft Bong B- Anything

  • James

    Fireeeee! Who the guy on second verse he hard.

  • Realkid


  • EverythingGucci

    Hooks mad catchy good content #Fire

  • Sycko

    I rocks with this, his last video was good too

  • Rackx

    Cosign! ???

  • JoeYoung

    The rob scene was dope

  • BigSam

    OVO need to sign this kid

  • Jamrox

    Bloodclot the mon edit di video too, tuff

  • Maria

    Toronto has pure talent I like watching local artists putting in work. Looking forward to more material!

  • Beatplug416

    Dope as fuck! Visuals crazy. Is it me or does friyie and bong b look alike lol are they related?

    • donlad24


  • Nitty

    Very clean

  • mastaG

    balls and nuts

  • LavoyMawdhouse

    This nigga all over Torontorappers

  • LavoyMawdhouse

    Nice video original concept ??

  • TedVision

    Nice video original concept

  • trav

    i love the scenes and camera work done on this!