Sunday, June 17, 2018

Friyie- Witness

Friyie- Witness

Friyie- Witness

Brothers Obtaining New Greatness…


IG: @Friiyie
Twitter: @FriyieMusic

  • sosmg


  • Mitch

    this straight bodies any other Canadian videos

    • Supr3m3Mon3y

      not P Reign’s!

  • Wardell

    Kinda sound likes thugga

  • Joshua JT


  • Puff Kaddy

    Sickest video I’ve seen this year

  • classic


  • Regular Citizen

    This nigga needs to blow ASAP

  • Flash

    Better than thugga

  • corkDawg12

    never heard of this guy till now, but i will follow the movement now. nice joint, I’m feeling the joint at the end

  • rexCity