Friday, December 6, 2019

How To Buy Jewelry With Greg Yuna, Popular Jewelry, Avianne & Co


How To Buy Jewelry With Greg Yuna, Popular Jewelry, Avianne & Co

Buying jewelry isn’t always a clear-cut decision with so many options and details to know about beforehand like carats or material weight, whether its gold, platinum or other popular precious metals used for custom bling nowadays. HYPEBEAST recently sat down with some of today’s notable jewelry-makers and we picked their brains about what people should really look for when it comes to making such a special and expensive purchase.

In this episode of HYPEBEAST How To, mastercraftsman Greg Yuna along with A$AP Eva of Popular Jewelry NYC and Alex Moss of Avianne & Co. help us break down the many factors involving buying jewelry. While topics such as personal style and budget come to play, other things like current trends and seeking out the best designer for your vision must also be observed. Buying jewelry has gone beyond just choosing and paying attention to color, cut, clarity and carat weight. With custom pieces being so extravagant nowadays, its best to let these experts tell you what you’re really paying for and what type of service, time and execution are really on the table when it comes to getting the piece you ultimately want.

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