Saturday, October 16, 2021

Jazz Cartier On Old vs New Music, TV Show & Leaving Toronto For LA


Jazz Cartier On Old vs New Music, TV Show & Leaving Toronto For LA

In this interview KTO goes to LA to interview Toronto artist Jazz Cartier. Arshan starts off the interview with a story from the time Jazz Cartier let him into a concert because of a Snapchat message. Jazz Cartier goes on to say he does this with a lot of fans and even did it with Killy before he was famous at the Vancouver music festival Faded in the Park. They continue to talk about a tv show where rappers play chess that Jazz Cartier was a part of and he says that he is finishing up an upcoming project in LA. He explains why he moved to LA and says he needed a change of scenery from Toronto. Arshan then asks him his opinion on being signed to a major record label as an artist vs being Independent, Jazz explains this through his own experience of when he was signed to Capitol Records and Universal Music Group Canada. They go on to talk about Co-Signs in Toronto and how he did it without a co-sign. They also talk about Drake’s OVO Sound Radio and how it helped out a lot of new artists.

Arshan asks him about his producer Lance and whether or not they work together. He also gives advice to his fans to enjoy and cherish his old music and accept some new stuff that’s different. Arshan asks Jazz what his own Top 5 songs are that he has ever made. Arshan then shares his own list. They go on to talk more about the music industry and the rap game. Arshan asks him what Toronto Artists he is bumping. Jazz says he loves Pressa, Kofi, and Velow. Jazz also explains the story on how he got Lil Wayne’s attention. They end the interview talking about his future plans with music.

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