Friday, September 21, 2018

Tika- Can We

Tika- Can We

Tika- Can We

Can We


Is it easy

For you

To function without me

You’ve been thinking about me baby

Contrary to popular belief

Now, is it hard for you to let me know

Overwhelming feelings in us show

This you know

The subtle nuances

Between us

Just flow

Yea Yea Yea

Look at me

Don’t look away

Look at me

Do you like what you see baby

Look at us

Don’t turn away

Fly with me

And we can be forever baby

Can we

Can we

Can we

Love again like we do in my mind

Can we

Can we

Can we

Love again for the first time.

Director: Patrick T

Performed by: TiKA

Engineered by: Calvin Hartwick

MUA: Summer O’Grady

Hair: Kwame Delfish

Special thanks to:

Dreamhouse Studios

Stephanie Smith


Calvin Hartwick

Kadeem Ellis