Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tory Lanez Talks “I Told You”, Names Some Of Toronto’s Emerging Talent


Tory Lanez Talks “I Told You”, Names Some Of Toronto’s Emerging Talent

Tory Lanez Talks “I Told You”, Being Homeless, Possible Collab With Weeknd

Tory Lanez has just dropped his new album, “I Told You”, and he stopped by the Neighborhood to talk about it with Big Boy! Along with his album, he talks about having been homeless, working at Walmart, his rise to fame, a possible collaboration with the Weeknd, having friends with benefits, and more!

  • finch UPtop

    pressa got next! pressa pressa

  • Jared

    how did this guy not mention blackadadon, money walk has the world buzzin

  • vividfilmz

    last time tory said jazz cartier, looks like hes just trying to show love all over. i cant hate on what he said, because i remember listening to kardinal curve this question and not mentioning anyone. salute to tory and drake . tory is up and coming so to me he doesnt have to say anyone, hes not even established like how drake is , so for him to even mention a name is huge.

  • sammy white

    how did he not say ramriddlz and j-soul? you good bruh?

    • biggz

      yall are some fools, real fools. tory said its hard to name them all, so he said a few. what if the names he mentioned were his actual friends? can you blame him if that is the case?

      • sammy white

        shut the fuck up, stop suckin torys dick u fagget

  • flex

    what did robin banks do to get his name up there? serious ting???

  • Daz

    1. Jazz Cartier
    2. Nav/Big Lean
    3. Roy Woods
    4. Flan
    5. J-Soul
    6. Sese

    • juneBUG

      your wild, jay whiss up there

    • southside

      no P.Reign?

  • OG

    YouTube Chuck Badness he got Next so all yall fallback an keep it 100