Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Vanauley Stacks- Facts Freestyle

Vanauley Stacks- Facts Freestyle

Vanauley Stacks- Facts Freestyle

  • Dbs

    Ftos free smoke ot and never came back

  • snow

    this guys super trash.

  • DoordieDowntown

    Put in ur own works.. a nigga took that n sold u guys it for 10 bands wah happen to these fools?

  • heyClown

    this nigga a clown

  • PhuckRP

    Hahahaha all you haters know the truth. Ask smokey what happened lol #free smoke #ot and never came back #theyshakingit

  • PhuckSick-HG

    Its you commenting isn’t it smokey, you and the other babies. 10 bands its not worth 3. #heneedssomemilk #chillingbytherabba #smoke dog stole the chain in the first place he has no cash and were gonna get the halal Gang chain also #telltheoppscatchup? #telltheoppsslowdownwedontwantit

  • PhuckPOAA

    Nigga the man who previously owned it got it back n left the hg chain pussys so no ur facts!! Talk about facts ur boy paid 10 bands nigga so suck ur mom but ya mr comfy ain’t so comfy neither cant even go to the rec centre stop ya nize!!

  • PhuckPOAA

    Tell Casper listen to his father.. cuz u don’t really want it wit us .. no no..

  • Phuckpoaa

    If it ain’t worth 3 y is ur flaky nigga tryna get 15 for it u fucking goofs in china town.

  • cakwy