Tuesday, December 18, 2018

You Aint No Killa “YANK” The Reality Movie: Webisode Tribute Episode 1


You Aint No Killa “YANK” The Reality Movie: Webisode Tribute Episode 1

You Aint no Killa YANK the reality movie / webisode this is a tribute advance release of the first ever reality movie episode 1. This episode is a tribute to our brothers and stars and supporters. RIP Crime Tremaine Thomas RIP Dillon Bandy Skeete RIP Ras Kevin. Also for the production it self & all the efforts, contributions, Blood sweat & tears it took to produce this project. Due to unforeseen circumstances profiling & targeting. Also due to the high level of the production, high level of quality work, anticipation and expectation of the project Ez-Mak Films will be taking its time ; re focusing and re scheduling a new solid release date. For all those who have been patiently and impatiently waiting. Please understand a film project of any magnitude is a very challenging and demanding Task. With that said in a very difficult time while still trying to please our fans friends and families of lost and loved ones we humbly present episode 1 of Yank. please comment share and spread the word. YANK the movement begins. Enjoy! 

Episode Stars: Louie Ox Rankin ,SD ,Gino Marley , Kama Ez-Mak 

Plot: The WCO World Criminal Organization headed by the world general is expanding its international control over The Black west indian inner city communities Drugs , Weed , after Hours Sex trade and extortion rackets by taking out unsuspecting new rival smaller gangs who try to infiltrate territory run by Kama under WCO control.

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