Saturday, March 23, 2019

Pressa- Deadmihana

Pressa- Deadmihana

Pressa- Deadmihana

  • Toronto6ix

    This nigga and his homies are the sickest niggas in the 6ix ,streetwise and music wise shoutout them driftwood niggas

    • Regular walk thrus

      these woods niggas been takin L’s #WhyDaFuckYouLyin!

      • Driftwood38

        Taking Lz? Where ? Since when? 2007? Lol check da score goof ????

  • Toronto6ix

    GD and pressa are street demons and yg crazy i dont think robin a street nigga TBH

    • Juniorhightoddlers

      Demons?this kid doesnt even have peach fuzz thats what happens when u listen to lil herb smoke weed buy a gun and a 5-7000 dollar chain lol

  • whipper

    whos this

    • Driftwood38

      Jane and finch Toronto DRIFTWOOD

  • 7even

    he reminds me of sam G

    • snoopy

      sam g my ass, this nigga not even rapping hes auto tuning to sesame street lol

      • Mrfacts

        Agreed sam g puts in work unlike these GBE Members tahahahaha

  • Soultaker

    This guys a twerp lol this prestige lil son these kids gon get themselves hurt itimidatin real niggas,your chains won’t save you kid if you slip you slide #TheDemons from bonsu to weasel lol

    • Driftwood38

      We not into the internet gangster shit that’s for sure , niggas be on da net talking a whole bag of shit and ain’t riding , we out here eryday let yo gun talk kid ?

    • opp.pack

      Smoking on this deadmihana on da northside Jane, man I luv some….dat glizzy turn him dat glizzy turn dat fuk boi deadmihana

  • The6mrCleo

    This kid gon get lil jo jo’d I called it first….

  • lol


  • R u serious we in canada

    This little kid has a chain lookin like chief keefs and da next yute in the blue has a glizzy gang chain WTF?you Niggas From Toronto Canada not chicago and dc Find ur own swag #FOH #autotune somebody studyin lil durk lmao

    • sayshumrda

      lmao ^ dick rider 2 years later who’s still has clout pressa or chief Keef lmao Ooo fix up my yute

  • Vernblock

    Heard IDS Niggas Came home, ohhh shit gon get real let me pop my popcorn…..

    • cvPaul

      no1 caresssssssssssss, they soon go back in for slapping a baby moms

      • craige


    • Driftwood38

      Let’s see if dey in da streets foreal

  • Greenz

    this dudes like 10 yrs old lmao

    • skrtskrtgang

      he could get you lined easier than you can get off your fat ass and make a sandwich bitch my word

  • skrtskrtgang

    youre all a bunch of jealous ass niggas lmfao

  • Keepin it real