Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Talk Of Toronto – Season 1 Ep 1 “The History”

Talk Of Toronto

Talk Of Toronto – Season 1 Ep 1 “The History”

“A conversation about the city with people who know the city best!”

“Talk Of Toronto” is my new web series where I sit with a number of significant individuals such as @directorx @normkelly @djpplus @anthonyandretti @standoutent @organikhiphop Universal Musics @big_ives @tony_macshow of Nike Bounce Basketball @leoandshirley of Joso’s restaurant and many more to discuss all things Toronto. This episode we discussed some of Toronto’s history, the reputation the city has of hating its own and we reflected on the past 20 years and how far Toronto has come or not? – Saint

Executive Producer : Saint
Cinematographer: @AndrewLau
Additional Footage Courtesy: @mybellepix
Editor: Andrew Lau, Saint & Wyatt Miller
Music by: @12keyz